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At the Davis Finn Group, we want to help you share your story with the world. From initial consultation, to strategy & web development, to blogging, we have all of your digital publishing needs handled.

With years of experience working with high-end lifestyle brands, celebrities, and local bloggers, we can help you launch your brand blog, editorial website, or help with general content development.

Davis Finn

DavisFinn.com is an editorial destination with a penchant for hilarity, sassiness, and edge. As a website geared towards modern women fresh out of college to their mid-30’s who are not afraid of a bit of colorful language and wondering how to “get their sh*t together, one blog post at a time,” DavisFinn.com breaks down self-imposed barriers and aims to improve the daily lives of women who just need that extra bit of help. From the latest lifestyle trends to getting real about finances and self-esteem,  DavisFinn.com accepts contributors, ad buys, advertorials, and is in the process of opening up an e-commerce website.

The Blogger Collective

There are plenty of resources out there that help you start a blog, but what if you are looking to build a solid foundation with a team of mentors and resources to help you monetize and ultimately blog full-time? The Blogger Collective fills this void. With a paid monthly subscription service, a dedicated team of mentors, a 3-month blog/branding incubator, The Blogger Collective is a new bloggers best friend.

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